Celebrate the best and brightest minds in technology

Backed by a vibrant global community, the JAX Innovation Awards celebrates outstanding innovation within the tech world.

These awards acknowledge technologies, companies, organizations and individuals who put their craft and talents towards making an important contribution to the Java ecosystem and the rich mix of related open technologies that flourish around it.

Since 2007, the JAX Innovation Awards have rewarded those who foster open innovation and shared business models based on truly effective technology.

It‘s down to you, the community, and our distinguished panel of experts and analysts to vote for the most groundbreaking, benchmark setting, and talented craftsmen on the scene. We want to know who you believe is making big waves in the sphere of open technologies in the following categories:

  • Most Innovative Java Technology - Including core Java technologies & tools, Scala, Groovy, Android, Eclipse, and other JVM languages.

  • Most Innovative Open Technology - Including Web technologies, JavaScript, Tools, and mobile and embedded technology.

  • Most Innovative Open Tech Business - Focused on the businesses that foster creativity and demonstrate real commitment to innovation in web technologies, productivity tools, or the mobile & embedded space.

The Special Jury Award will be presented to an individual or team who the judges feel have made exceptional achievements over that past year, and who have had a significant impact on the developer world as a whole.