The Winners of the JAX Innovation Awards 2014:

The JAX Innovation Awards, which have been running since 2007, celebrate outstanding innovation within the tech sector, with a particular emphasis on those who foster and drive Java and open technologies.

Following some pretty heated deliberation and weeks of eager campaigning, the winners of the JAX Innovation Awards 2014 were announced on Wednesday 14 May at JAX 2014.

 list Most Innovative Java Technology: Vert.x

 list Most Innovative Open Technology: Docker

 list Most Innovative Open Tech Business: Hazelcast

 list Special Jury Award: JDK8

In the Special Jury Award the judges awarded the JDK8 Dev Team in recognition of their efforts on and final achievement in building Java 8.


jax JAX Program Chair Meyen hands over the Special Jury Award to Brian Goetz (Oracle)


Here’s why our panel deemed them the ultimate winners of the accolade:

“There are many definitions for innovation. In the case of Java 8, it comes in the form of a huge number of smaller changes, which cumulatively add up to something important. After almost two decades of Java, this kind of innovation today means consolidation, integration, rounding out, and bringing the platform back to its roots by unification.

Primarily designed to run in the embedded space, in 2014, Java is once again returning to the original foundations of the platform, setting the scene for the IoT with powerful embedded technology. In this release, the JDK8 team have brought the incompatible parts of Java together, rerouting the course of fragmented software into one platform, one technology and one model. With a return to this ethos of write once, run everywhere, it seems that the original promise of Java is being fulfilled.

Ultimately, it’s this measured, and careful creativity we want to celebrate. Development by degrees, under extraordinary pressure, that delivered something powerful and exciting. This award is about celebrating a release that not only meets the expectations of its audiences, but inspires and helps put the excitement back into being a Java developer.

Java 8 is both the proof of, and the catalyst for, continued innovation in the Javasphere, setting the course for groundbreaking software development in the next decade - and that’s what we want to celebrate today.”



The finalists of the JAX Innovation Awards at JAX 2014

We’d like to take everyone who took the time to nominate and vote in these awards. Ultimately, it’s the powerful community voice that makes the JAX Innovation Awards so special and so hotly contested each year. Hearty congratulations to all our winners and finalists.