Terms of participation

JAX & W-JAX - The Conferences for Java, Architecture and Software Innovation

The participation fee for International W-JAX 2022 or JAX 2022 comprehends the activities mentioned on www.jax.de. All prices are exlusive of VAT; this also applies to the participants coming from abroad EU and non-EU (§ 3a UstG.). The participation fee is due after billing. It is only possible to participate if the total amount is paid before the conference. Conference participations can be cancelled as per the schedule below. Cancellation costs are 150 € not including VAT charged by the organizers. Cancellation is not possible after this date and the full participation fee is due. The organizer has the right to change the program for organizational or other reasons. Should the conference not take place, the conference fees will be paid back. Any other claims to the organizer are not valid. Should the conference be delayed the conference registrations remain valid. Product and brand names are usually registered trademarks of the respective companies. W-JAX 2022 & JAX 2022 are privat events of S&S Media. The organizer holds all copyrights for the content of the conference.

Credit Card Payments

For credit card payments you will be directed to the website of Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd. (“Stripe”)
Please note that Stripe will collect and process personal data of the user. Stripe’s terms of use and data protection are applicable in this process and Software & Support Media cannot be held liable.

If you have any questions relating to JAX or W-JAX, please feel free to contact the JAX-Team: [email protected]

Online Conferences – data protection, requirements

We use third-party technologies to carry out online conferences. These include the following products:
– Swapcard Corporation
We would like to point out that further personal data of the user may be collected, processed and used during use. In this respect, we have no responsibility; only the usage and data protection regulations of the respective providers apply.
In order to participate in an online conference hardware and infrastructure of the participant must meet certain minimum requirements, particularly with regards to bandwidth, picture and sound quality. The participants will be informed accordingly in advance. If the participant does not meet these minimum requirements and can therefore not take part in the seminar, or only to a limited extent, the organizer accepts no liability.

Event Cancellation date Cancellation fee
JAX March 24, 2022 150 €
W-JAX September 15, 2022 150 €