Power Workshops

JAX 2020 | September 7 – 11, 2020 | Mainz

Power Workshops of JAX 2020

Architektur Workshop: praktisch, konzentriert und ohne Hype

Franziska Dessart, innoQ Deutschland GmbH
Lisa Moritz, innoQ Deutschland GmbH
Benjamin Wolf, innoQ Deutschland GmbH
Eberhard Wolff, innoQ Deutschland GmbH
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Behind the Tracks

Agile & Culture
Teamwork & Methods

Data Access & Machine Learning
Storage, Processing & more

Clouds, Kubernetes & Serverless
Everything about Cloud

Core Java & JVM Languages
Insights & Best Practices

DevOps & Continuous Delivery
Deployment, Docker & more

Structures & Frameworks

Web Development & JavaScript
JS & web technologies

Performance & Security
Safe Web Applications

Serverside Java
Spring, JDK & more

Digital Transformation & Innovation
Technologies & Processes

Software Architecture
Best Practices

Domain-driven Design
Fundamentals and techniques

Spring Ecosystem
Knowledge on Spring technologies

API Technology, Design & Management

Our team is currently working on the program of JAX 2020. The first program highlights will be announced soon.