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JAX | 23. - 27. April 2018, Mainz

Martin Klose


08 Nov 2017
10:00 - 12:45
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Wind of Change

08 Nov 2017
10:00 - 12:45

Software development would be so nice if we knew all requirements before we start a project. And of course they would never change. We could come up with a rock solid plan and would always deliver on time. But yeah, reality is different… We will practice how to react to new feature requests, changing requirements and shuffling priorities. We will see how to go fast by going slow, how to be ready when change comes, how IDEs can support us in that regard, and of course why good tests are indispensable in such a world.This workshop contains heavy portions of coding, so please bring a laptop with an installed IDE and an empty project with a failing unit test.

Session Themen

#Agile & Culture
Alles zur JAX:
Alles zur JAX:

Behind the Tracks of W-JAX 2017

Agile & Culture
Teamwork & Methoden

Big Data & Machine Learning
Speicherung, Processing & mehr

Clouds, Container & Serverless
Alles rund um Cloud

Core Java & JVM Languages
Ausblicke & Best Practices

DevOps & Continuous Delivery
Deployment, Docker & mehr

Strukturen & Frameworks

Web Development & JavaScript
JS & Webtechnologien

Performance & Security
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Serverside & Enterprise Java
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Digital Transformation & Innovation
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Software Architecture
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