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Intentional API Design Workshop

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Montag, 8. November 2021
09:00 - 17:00
API Design Workshop

The importance of APIs has evolved over the last decade – from "something arcane that the techies do" – into strategically important company assets in the digital business models of big tech players such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook – and now, increasingly, also into assets on most incumbent’s strategic roadmaps for digital transformation. This increased visibility and importance of APIs to business, strategy, and management creates new expectations on the quality, design, and operation of APIs. Any approaches to haphazard API design, that might have been acceptable a decade ago, will now fall short of expectations, delay the execution of the digital transformation roadmap, and might result in a loss of market share.

In the first part of this workshop, we learn about designing the right API, so it is actually useful for the stakeholders. We will work with identifying the users of the API, what qualities they value in an API, the outside-in design approach, and the API-as-a-product design philosophy.

After having established how we design the right API, we focus on designing APIs in the right way during the second part of the workshop. We study the API lifecycle, how it relates to API design, and how we can iterate from a good API design to a great API design. We then focus on intentional API design, which is based on the simple fact, that designed artifacts such as APIs embody all decisions that went into making them, whether these design decisions were intentional and deliberate or unintentional and haphazard. In this workshop we will show, how to make every aspect of API design more “intentional”, something we consciously design, choose and decide. We focus on RESTful API design, however, the overarching intentional API design framework with Frontend API Design, Backend API Design, and API Design for non-functionals can be used for other styles of APIs as well.

Targeted towards developers and architects, having had at least first exposure to API design.
We will design some APIs, but without requiring special tooling.

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This Session belongs to the Diese Session gehört zum Programm vom W-JAXW-JAX program. Take me to the program of . Hier geht es zum Programm von JAX JAX .

This Session Diese Session belongs to the gehört zum Programm von W-JAXW-JAX program. Take me to the current program of . Hier geht es zum aktuellen Programm von W-JAX W-JAX or oder JAX JAX .
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