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The reusability fallacy – killing a beloved dogma

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Mittwoch, 4. November 2020
10:15 - 11:15

Reusability – the holy grail of software architecture for more than 40 years! Barely a new paradigm (currently: microservices) that is not sold with reusability as the big future cost saver.

But is reusability really so great? Is it always what we should strive for in our designs? Or could it even be counter-productive in some places?

In this session, we will debunk quite some myths regarding resusability: we will learn why most reasonings are flawed, that reusability comes at a price that is higher than most people think, why it rarely pays, why it usually is a false friend in service-based approaches and more. Additionally, we will learn to distinguish when and when not to go for reusability and what to do instead if reusability is the wrong path to follow.

After this session, you will have a much better understanding where to aim for reusability in your designs, where not to aim for it and what to do instead.

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