W-JAX | 4. - 8. November 2019, München

Peter Verhas

Peter Verhas
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Peter Verhas

EPAM Switzerland

Peter Verhas is a Senior Software Architect at EPAM Switzerland. He has more than ten years of Java development experience and more than twenty years with C and other programming languages. He is the author of the books Java Projects, Mastering Java 9 and Programming Java 9 by Examples. He regularly blogs in English (at DZONE, Java Code Geeks and his own blog Javax0.wordpress.com). Peter has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and studied at TU Budapest, TU Wien, and TU Delft. He worked for companies like Digital Equipment Corporation, T-Mobile supporting telecom and finance industries and he was a teacher at TU Budapest for a short period. Peter also publishes open source programs on github.com/verhas and is the author of the ScriptBasic interpreter.

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