JAX | 6. - 10. Mai 2019, Mainz

Peter Verhas

Peter Verhas
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Peter Verhas

EPAM Switzerland

Peter Verhas is a Senior Software Architect at EPAM Switzerland. He has more than 10 years of Java development experience and more than 20 years of C with and other programming languages. He is the author of the books Java Projects, Mastering Java 9 and Programming Java 9 by Examples. He regularly blogs in English (at DZONE, Java Code Geeks and his own blog Javax0.wordpress.com). Peter has MSc. Electrical Engineering and studied at TU Budapest, TU Wien, and TU Delft. He worked for companies like Digital Equipment Corporation, T-Mobile supporting telecom and finance industries and he was a teacher at TU Budapest for a short period. Peter also publishes open source programs on github.com/verhas and he is the author of the ScriptBasic interpreter.

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