W-JAX | 4. - 8. November 2019, München

Quarkus from inside

Mittwoch, 6. November 2019
10:00 - 11:00

Quarkus makes it possible to write Java web applications ready to serve requests <20 milliseconds after start and occupying <20 MB of memory. At the same time its programming model feels much like the one of a traditional application server: there is persistence with JPA, JAX-RS for REST, CDI, transactions, most MicroProfile specifications and even a compatibility layer for some Spring APIs. Come and see how Quarkus makes all the above possible on top of GraalVM using a new technique called Compile Time Boot. Learn how exactly Quarkus eliminates runtime costs and how it circumvents the limitations of GraalVM. An 8 ms demo will be included.

Alle News der Java-Welt:
Alle News der Java-Welt:

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