W-JAX | 4. - 8. November 2019, München

Timeless Design Principles

Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2019
08:45 - 09:30

In the ever-changing world of software development, technologies and paradigms come and go. New programming languages appear every year, and an exponentially growing number of new developers join our profession. 

There are many young developers that could learn from more experienced programmers. But many claim that the design principles we teach "don’t apply" to them because they work in JavaScript, or they do functional programming, or they’re making microservices. 

The fact is that the same fundamental design principles apply today that were being recommended before most of us were born. All that’s really changed is the syntax. Illustrating with examples in three languages and three programming paradigms – procedural, object oriented and functional – Jason will demonstrate how the design principles he teaches in 2019 could have been applied in 1989, and 1969, and will very probably still apply in 2039 and beyond.

Alle News der Java-Welt:
Alle News der Java-Welt:

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